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Life as an Oddish

I really like being an Oddish. You’d think my little legs would be all puffed out with people trying to catch me, but I’m doing a lot less running these days. Trainers finally have a device to spot me without … Continue reading

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Trouble in Rio

The Olympic Games in Rio are off to a shaky start. With rampant crime and poor infrastructure, athletes are pulling out as buildings fall apart from the inside. It seems the city just isn’t ready. Amidst all this mediocrity, it’s … Continue reading

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Federation Force – Now Recruiting

Just as I was heading to bed, I received an urgent distress call. Nintendo tweeted that METROID PRIME BLAST BALL (actual HOME menu name, all in caps) was now on the 3DS eShop, with a free early version of the … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Splatoon

Played quite a bit of Splatoon today. Got into one of those moods where I just needed to escape and have a bit of fun. Not a bad mood, just had way too much on my mind. When the world … Continue reading

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Hidden Musical Worlds

[The following is an article I wrote for a local music magazine in my suburb] Ever heard of Koji Kondo? Nobuo Uematsu? Motoi Sakuraba? Akira Yamaoka? Probably not, but that’s OK. They don’t exactly shout their names from the rooftops … Continue reading

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